The Yellow Diamond

The Yellow Diamond

Detective Superintendent George Quinn – Mayfair resident and dandy with a razor-sharp brain – has set up a new police unit, dedicated to investigating the super-rich. When he is shot in mysterious circumstances, DI Blake Reynolds is charged with taking over. But Reynolds hadn’t bargained for Quinn’s personal assistant – the flinty Victoria Clifford – who knows more than she’s prepared to reveal…

The trail left by Quinn leads to a jewellery theft, a murderous conspiracy among some of the most glamorous (and richest) Russians in London – and the beautiful Anna, who challenges Reynolds’ professional integrity. Reynolds and Clifford must learn to work together fast – or risk Quinn’s fate.

The Yellow Diamond is a quirky read and although set in the heart of twenty-first-century Mayfair, a world of champagne, Lamborghinis and Savile Row suits, I felt as if it could quite easily have been set in 1970’s London. It doesn’t read as a modern police thriller – to me – it reeks of an old fashioned read with a protagonist who with every page appears to be increasingly out of his depth!

Blake Reynolds is a by the book Detective Inspector whose sole aim in life appears to be to account for every gratuity he receives. Whether that’s a cup of tea, a glass of vintage champagne, a £50 cigar or an expensive suit, he exhorts just about as much effort into balancing the books as he does in finding criminals and escaping life or death situations! I did like his character, he’s quite an unusual protagonist, a protagonist who wrestles with his conscience on an hourly rate! His personality shines throughout the book and gives the story a great deal of depth and colour.

His working relationship with Victoria or Vicky Clifford is intriguing and one I could never quite work out which is always a good thing! There’s no doubt about who wears the trousers in the relationship! With subtle and not so subtle suggestions, Blake Reynolds finds he is guided down a path with consummate ease and manipulation it’s great to read.

The story itself is good, I did find I’d lost my way once or twice, but on the whole it made sense and it all came together nicely at the end with a few unexpected turns. I’m looking forward to another installment of Blake Reynolds and his unique approach to policing, long may he continue investigating the rich and powerful of West London, an area full of embassies, hedge funds and high end living.

  • Hardcover:320 pages
  • Publisher:Faber & Faber; Main edition (5 Nov. 2015)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0571288200
  • ISBN-13:978-0571288205
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