Make Me - Lee Child

Make Me – Lee Child

Jack Reacher has no place to go, and all the time in the world to get there, so a remote railroad stop on the prairie with the curious name of Mother’s Rest seems perfect for an aimless one-day stopover.

He expects to find a lonely pioneer tombstone in a sea of nearly-ripe wheat … but instead there is a woman waiting for a missing colleague, a cryptic note about two hundred deaths, and a small town full of silent, watchful people.

Reacher’s one-day stopover becomes an open-ended quest…into the heart of darkness. 

Make Me marks Jack Reacher’s 20th adventure and isn’t as relaxing as the location suggests, it’s anything but! The book in reality is no different to the previous 19 books Lee Child has penned, all devoted Reacher fans know that what lies within is a man on a mission to right the wrongs of those in a position to take advantage whatever the cost and reason, it’s almost always financial but will Mother’s Rest be any different?

I always find it fascinating that our action hero can find himself in these predicaments but without him and his past history this genre would definitely be the poorer without him, Reacher has helped shape the thriller genre and long may it and he continue.

Reacher is one of those guys everyone wants to have in their life, as a friend, not an enemy. When Reacher, intrigued by the name Mother’s Rest, leaves the train in the middle of nowhere on a whim he stumbles into a small town with a harrowing past, a town where everyone knows the deadly secrets but no one will admit to them or answer questions. Mother’s Rest is an insular town and as far as the locals are concerned long may it continue.

The big question is how can a small holding like this survive, Reacher strives to answer the questions and discover the truth about the missing private detective and former FBI agent. Drawn into the investigation and with no plans to stay for more than 24 hours, Reacher roams the town and countryside and soon discovers that things aren’t what they first appear. Armed with nothing but refilled coffee and diner food Reacher begins to do what he does best, kick ass!

The story moves along quickly and the partnership with former FBI agent Michelle Chang definitely promises longevity. They work well together and there’s something about the coupling that make both characters step outside their comfort zone and attack the investigation as a well-oiled unit. Not at first but slowly but surely their relationship gains momentum and the pair combine to make inroads into a past that begs to be uncovered.

It’s great to have Reacher back and within these pages there’s more than enough killing to satisfy the most ardent of critic, not too much, not too little, just about right. Definitely not a book to be compared to Goldilocks and the three bears but hopefully you get my point!!!

Make Me is a great read and is over, like most of Child’s books, quicker than Reacher can brush his teeth and drink his second cup of Joe – and that’s fast! But like his appetite to refill his coffee cup so is our desire as readers – and fans – to gorge on another adventure and I for one can’t see that changing anytime soon.


  • Hardcover:432 pages
  • Publisher:Bantam Press (10 Sept. 2015)
  • Language:English
  • ISBN-10:0593073886
  • ISBN-13:978-0593073889
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