Ghost Flight by Bear Grylls

Ghost Flight by Bear Grylls

Haunted by his wife and son’s brutal abduction and murder, ex-soldier Will Jaeger runs to the ends of the earth to recover and to hide. But even there he is found, and compelled to undertake one last mission, and to confront a savage past he can barely even remember.

Jaeger agrees to lead an expedition into the Mountains of the Gods in the remote Amazon jungle. At the dark heart of this real life Lost World lies a mystery WWII warplane, one that harbours a secret so explosive its very discovery may tear the world asunder. Terrifying forces are hell-bent on keeping the warplane forever hidden. Unwittingly, Will Jaeger is going in against them.

But as Jaeger joins a team of former elite warriors – including ice-cool Russian operator Irina Narov – he senses that the air wreck also harbours the answer he so longs to uncover: the identity of his wife and son’s murderers.

In the first of a brand new adventure/thriller series Bear Grylls introduces Will Jaeger, a smart and charismatic ex-soldier who just happens to have a few things on his mind and it will come as no surprise to anyone that survival is uttermost in his thoughts. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Ghost Flight!

Held captive on a remote island in one of the world’s worst prisons, renowned for its brutality and an authority determined to inflict severe torture on enemies of the state, Will Jaeger is facing certain death. But let’s face facts, we know he’ll escape or there wouldn’t be a story but the opening chapters are so engaging that I had a vested interested in the protagonist.

The narrative is easy to read and the story flows well, there were a few repetitive paragraphs but I stress I’m reading a very early proof of the book and any inconsistencies will I’m sure be ironed out before publication later in the year. They certainly do not detract from what is an incredibly enjoyable and fun read. A cross between Indiana Jones and a whole plethora of action figures such as James Bond and Jason Bourne, Will Jaeger is a complex character who as the series develops, will no doubt grow but from the very opening salvos. We have the makings of a terrific action hero.

Jaeger is smart and clearly knows his stuff and as a team leader he exudes confidence. Stuck in the middle of an Amazonian jungle, he and his small group of ex-soldiers have to fight their way out of numerous tight corners using guile, wit and a well-developed survival instinct. They come face to face with spiders, piranha fish, huge caymans and the obligatory group of extremely nasty Nazi’s. It all lends itself for a gripping read and I for one wasn’t disappointed, this really is boys own stuff.

If you’re looking for an entertaining and easy read, a good story and a how to survive the most challenging of conditions then this is definitely the book for you. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and can’t wait to see what happens next as Bear leaves the door open at the end and you know full well that something’s about to happen in the future.


  • Hardcover:464 pages
  • Publisher:Orion (4 Jun. 2015)
  • ISBN-10:1409156818
  • ISBN-13:978-1409156819
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