The Loch Ness Legacy by Boyd Morrison

The Loch Ness Legacy by Boyd Morrison


During a research trip to Loch Ness, Scotland, a young Charles Darwin encounters a mysterious and terrifying creature that provides the spark for his evolutionary theory.


Almost two hundred years later, and hundreds of miles away in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is under attack. Army engineer Tyler Locke is called in to help, and his expertise saves the day.

But Tyler doesn’t know he’s about to get pulled into a conspiracy so dark that it not only threatens those he loves, but could also ignite World War III.

Racing against time to discover the truth behind Darwin’s discovery, Tyler must solve a series of cryptic clues to find a single manuscript that has been so well hidden it hasn’t been seen since the Victorian age.

Anyone who can blend Charles Darwin, the threat of World War Three and proof that The Loch Ness Monster really does exist – and pull it off- is nothing short of a magician! You’d never in your right mind put all these scenarios together in one book but this is exactly what Boyd Morrison does, crazy times ahead!

I’ve only read two Boyd Morrison books, The Loch Ness Legacy being the second, and although I still prefer The Tsunami Countdown (I absolutely loved that standalone book) I did enjoy this romp blending historical fact and fiction. It’s a very quick read and a book where for some part you have to suspend reality and just enjoy the book for what it is – an imaginative thriller where we find our protagonist attempting to save the day and his friend. We’ve read and heard it all before but with the promise of good old Nessie in the Scottish Highlands there’s just that little bit extra in this book.

Full of entertaining dialogue, clever and tight plotting, bullets and harpoons flying in all directions and a cast of colourful characters – a great blend between good and evil – The Loch Ness Legacy simply entertains and as you close the book for the final time you’ll walk away completely satisfied awaiting the next Tyler Locke adventure. This is without question an ideal holiday book and although it’s hard to take too much too seriously, there were a number of scenes based on solid history which is always good to know.

With a little action, puzzle solving and a hint of romance thrown in for good measure, if you’ve never discovered Boyd Morrison before, this is an ideal title to while away the winter hours – but please don’t forget The Tsunami Countdown set in Hawaii, you won’t be sorry.

Characterisation is well thought out and delivered. I’ve not had the opportunity to read any of Tyler Locke’s adventures but I’m certainly going to try now! If this doesn’t make you want to visit Loch Ness and take in the sights and sounds of Urquhart Castle and all that the wonderful highlands have to offer then nothing will!

Enjoyable, entertaining and it has Nessie in it – you’d be mad not to give this a go!

  •  Paperback: 448 pages
  • Publisher: Sphere (21 Nov 2013)
  • Language: Unknown
  • ISBN-10: 0751548057
  • ISBN-13: 978-0751548051
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