The Camelot Code by Sam Christer

The Camelot Code by Sam Christer

What if King Arthur was more than a myth?

On a starlit summer’s night in the Welsh mountains, an old man is torn from sleep as an ancient prophecy unfolds.

On the other side of the Atlantic, an American antiques dealer lies dying on the floor of his shop, blood ebbing from a fatal stab wound.

In San Francisco, Mitzi Fallon begins her new job as lead investigator for the FBI’s Historical, Religious and Unsolved Crimes Unit. When it emerges that a priceless Celtic relic has been stolen from the murdered antiques dealer, Mitzi finds herself drawn into a mystery that reaches from the heart of the modern US government back to a man once dismissed as myth: King Arthur.

O droi’r tudalen derfynol a chau clawr The Camelot Code gan Sam Christer am y tro olaf, mae gen i deimladau aruthrol o dristwch. Mae rhan bach o fy enaid wedi marw, oherwydd fe wyddais y dylaf fod yn farchog y ford gron. Mae gen i hiraeth i ymweld â Chastell Caergwyn, un na fyddaf yn medru siglo. Yn syml iawn, Ardderchog.

What can one say about The Camelot Code? As a proud Welshman the thought of reading this book fascinated me. I knew that a sizeable portion of the book would be set in Wales but what I wasn’t prepared for was the magical properties the book possessed – very Arthurian! It transported me back to a time when I was younger, when we were taught about the round table, the knights and of course Welsh folklore – including the legendary King Arthur. Argh, those heady memorable school days drinking warm milk that had been standing by the radiators for hours, listening to enthusiastic teachers shape our childhood with stories of old fables.

I’ve always had a fascination with King Arthur and whenever I can I do like to satisfy my hunger with tales of Merlin and the round table, of Camelot, of Guinevere, of Sean Connery. This books does all that and more – well perhaps not Sean Connery. I wanted to be part of history; I wanted to help shape the future. I wanted to live in Caergwyn Castle period. It may all sound a tad melodramatic but I absolutely loved this book. I can’t say much fairer than that. If I could sign up and be part of the movement I would!

This is the second book I’ve read by Sam Christer and I can categorically say that this will not be the last. With a narrative that is both sharp and incredibly fluent the story moves along at an electrifying pace, the short chapters all but ensuring the book is a quick and enjoyable read. The story moves from the United States to London to Wales to New York and even includes a brief visit to Lundy Island but we as readers are never in one place for too long.

Mitzi Fallon is back with a bang and her no nonsense approach is infectious. When she’s involved in a car crash early on in the book her recovery is rather drawn out and for the majority of the book she’s like a bear woken up from hibernation prematurely. She’s cantankerous, cranky and irritable but she gets things done and is without question the star of the show. That said I really felt an affinity with Sir Owain. A likeable character and even though not real I felt drawn to his personality, a man you could depend on, a man you could call upon to do the right thing, a man I’d like to spend time with and learn.

I don’t think there was a character I didn’t like but it was the Welshness and personality of the book that I enjoyed over everything. Don’t get me wrong the story is well thought out and the multi layered plot intelligently crafted but with little references to Wales here and there it all came together somehow. It was like getting a marvellous present at Christmas but with the added bonus of having it gift-wrapped. You didn’t know what was inside until you opened it up and jumped in.

Sam Christer is a talented scribe. He knows how to work an audience and he knows how to deliver a tale. When you close the book for one final time and your mind keeps making up stories and the characters live on long after you’ve reached the conclusion then you know the author has done his or her job. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Ardderchog!

Available to buy in Paperback and Kindle.

  • Paperback: 512 pages
  • Publisher: Sphere (26 Sep 2013)
  • Language: Unknown
  • ISBN-10: 0751550914
  • ISBN-13: 978-0751550917
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