Police by Jo Nesbø

Police by Jo Nesbø

The police urgently need Harry Hole

A killer is stalking Oslo’s streets. Police officers are being slain at the scenes of crimes they once investigated, but failed to solve. The murders are brutal, the media reaction hysterical.

But this time, Harry can’t help anyone

For years, detective Harry Hole has been at the centre of every major criminal investigation in Oslo. His dedication to his job and his brilliant insights have saved the lives of countless people. But now, with those he loves most facing terrible danger, Harry can’t protect anyone.

Least of all himself.


Jo Nesbø er en usedvanlig begavet forfatter, i mangel av et bedre ord – et geni.

Now that I’ve got that out of my system…..

Police is the latest novel in a fascinating and often hypnotic series featuring the damaged Harry Hole. Alcoholic. Drug Addict. Policeman. Husband. Father. But is he? Police picks up immediately following the incredible climax in Phantom and the great thing about this book is that we – and by we I mean I – don’t really know what’s happened for a good third of the book! Is Hole alive? Is he dead? Let’s find out!

Nesbø has a natural ability to keep his audience guessing by writing a suggestive and intelligent narrative leading the reader down a path long enough to make them believe what he wants them to believe and just when you get comfortable, think you have it sussed, he’ll pull the rug out from beneath your feet and change attack. The master is once again in control.

The beginning of Police has a different feel to it. The gruesome murders are there of course, perhaps not as gruesome as some of his other books but make no bones about it, they are violent! Then again a dismembered corpse spread across a 2 kilometre area could be classed as gruesome couldn’t it?! A killer is on the loose and it’s left to a makeshift team of police investigators and a psychologist to catch the killer before he or she strikes again. This time is different; they have to do it without Harry Hole. They meet in the boiler room of police HQ and his absence is immediately felt. His empty coffee cup reverently put to one side as the small group of officers meet up for the first time and decide who’s going to make the coffee.

There’s a certain point when the book explodes into life. It starts coming together, the investigation cranks up a few gears as more clues are left and more bodies found – what’s left of them! I remember sitting back and thinking – this is it; Nesbø has taken his time, built a solid foundation and wham bam thank you mam, welcome to Police. The adventure starts now. I wasn’t disappointed.

Kudos once again Don Bartlett for yet another terrific translation. I always think that translators are quite often forgotten in despatches but it doesn’t matter how good the original author is – and we all know just how good Nesbø is – if the translation isn’t up to scratch you can forget a fluid and entertaining read. The book oozes quality from the commanding and perspicacious writing style, an incredible multi layered storyline and of course numerous red herrings found throughout the book. For someone who had never heard of the great Norwegian writer a couple of years ago I can’t think of a writer I look forward to reading more than Nesbø and following his latest book I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

There’s so much more I want to say in this review but I know how infuriating readers find reviews that are spoiler laden. To be honest, give away too much of the plot and there’s no reason to read the book. All I can do is reiterate what I’ve mentioned above. Police is another wonderful Nesbø book, slow to begin with yes but once it hits the sweet spot I mentioned earlier it doesn’t let up.

Another terrific novel from the Scandinavian author others can only attempt to imitate. There is only one Jo Nesbø and he’s here right now. I can’t wait for the next adventure and it goes without saying Police comes highly recommended.

Vakkert skrevet. Personlig kan jeg ikke vente med å lese det neste avdraget av Harry Hole – Nesbø skuffer aldri!

Police is available to buy in Hardback and Kindle formats.

  • Hardcover: 528 pages
  • Publisher: Harvill Secker (12 Sep 2013)
  • ISBN-10: 1846555965
  • ISBN-13: 978-1846555961
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