The Keystone by AM Dean

The Keystone by AM Dean

A Key, Lost for Millennia While tracking down the relic hunters who murdered her cousin, Dr Emily Weiss and her husband Michael are seeking a dangerous artefact. This ancient key lies hidden in the Egyptian desert and will wreak havoc in the wrong hands. A Religious Order, Promising the End In Chicago, the Magnificent Mile is about to go down in history. A dangerous sect is preparing for an explosive Independence Day parade and the finishing touches are being put on a device that will wreak untold havoc on the city. An Attack, Shrouded in Mystery Soon Emily, Michael and the ruler of the sect are racing to Egypt. One party craves retribution, the other seeks spiritual ascendancy, and both sides will do whatever it takes to succeed. But can Emily and Michael stop the sect before they transform an ancient promise into a very modern curse?

A thoroughly entertaining and imaginative adventure, The Keystone is another sure fire hit from the pen of AM Dean. Beginning with the murder of her cousin, our heroine and protagonist Emily Weiss – a young history and ancient cultures academic – has to delve deep, fight through her emotions and solve an enthralling puzzle while at the same time staying alive, things are never easy are they?!.

The Keystone is more polished than The Lost Library, the author has found in his way in this genre and certainly possesses a sharp pen and an imaginative mind. Not only that, he has the ability to tell a good story, effortlessly so. The book moves along at a rapid pace and introduces a number of hidden paths, red herrings if you will, secret societies, intrigue and exploration – not to mention good old fashioned danger and globetrotting action.

As with The Lost Library – his debut thriller – The Keystone has short chapters that allow the story to move from one location to the next so you always feel in touch with the characters and locations, even when it jumps around a bit.

Unlike his first novel, Michael Torrance – Emily’s husband – plays a bigger role and is a huge character in this book. He’s there to help, support and discover – he does all three with a purposeful strut and although he has his weaknesses he’s there to ensure Emily doesn’t go through the adventure alone and get into too much trouble. We all know that’s not really going to happen don’t we, this is after all an adventure and we expect the odd life threatening scenario. AM Dean doesn’t disappoint!

I enjoyed how the author blends each strand of the story and somehow brings everything together, even when you can’t see how it ever will. Slowly but surely the separate plots begin to make sense and as we move from one chapter to the next and what we end up with is a story fit for this genre.

From the Egyptian desert in 374 AD to modern day London and Chicago, The Keystone is an authentic, imperious and downright thrilling read, this book should not be missed and I for one can’t wait to read the next adventure. Few authors excite me as much as this newcomer, AM Dean is here to stay.

The Keystone is available to buy in paperback and kindle formats.

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  • Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Pan (15 Aug 2013)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1447209524
  • ISBN-13: 978-1447209522
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