This video made me smile tonight, in fact it made me reach for my West Wing boxset and start watching the most amazing political drama ever to be shown on television. I, like many fans, have missed the walking and talking, the political shenanigans and the fact that Martin Sheen wasn’t a real President – although if he had run for office half of America a) knew who he was and b) would have voted for him. Forget Romney, Sheen or Jed Bartlet is the real deal!

You calling me crisis like that’s my hip hop name?!!!

The “West Wing” cast has reunited to make a commercial for Mary McCormack’s sister, Bridget Mary McCormack, a non-partisan candidate for the Michigan State Supreme Court. Of all the political commercials out there I haven’t seen any that have caught my imagination like this one! Suffice to say that if I did vote then McCormack would get my tick.

Let’s hope she gets elected and we get a follow up, it’s not too late to get Jed Bartlet to run for office is it?!! Forget this is an ad – remember the message of course – but praise McCormack for re-uniting the West Wing cast one last time.

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2 Responses to “Walk and Talk the West Wing way – Bridget Mary McCormack”

  1. Teddy says:

    Thanks so much for posting this. I so miss West Wing!

  2. Judith Brown says:

    Do you have a newsletter? I believe when you find someone who “thinks” as you do, their reading habits are also pretty darned close. So, I want to know what you are reading (I do miss West Wing! and although Newsroom hasn’t fully developed all the characters and flaws yet, I am going to love it as well – but nothing can take the place of West Wing in my heart.)

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