Deception by Adrian Magson

Deception by Adrian Magson

Former MI5 officer Harry Tate’s skill at tracking down runaways is second to none – and the Security Services need his help. When MI6 ask him to trace Vanessa Tan, a lieutenant with the Royal Logistics Corps who failed to report for her return flight to Afghanistan, Harry instinctively feels it’s a mission to avoid. But when he learns of the involvement of his former boss, Henry Paulton – the man who tried to have him killed – he agrees to take the job, and events soon take an unexpected turn . .

Over the last year or so I’ve been meaning to read an Adrian Magson novel but for one reason or another – work, training and volume of books to be read to name but a few – I’ve not had chance to read anything by the author. I put that right this week when I moved the latest Harry Tate novel to the front of the pile – and boy am I glad I did!

The third Harry Tate novel – a frenetic British spy thriller – is a terrific read. Picking it up I was immediately drawn into a storyline, a storyline I don’t think I’ve come across before – but unfortunately I can’t really talk about it without spoiling the foundation of the book! Let’s just say a group known as The Protectory cause Harry and Rik a few headaches along the way.

Although – as previously stated – I’ve not had chance to read Harry Tate’s two previous adventures I still wasted little time getting to know our protagonist. It’s fairly obvious Tate has gone through a lot in the last year or so and Magson adds more than enough back story and information from his past to satisfy any newcomers to his novels. It’s always a tricky balance but the author does a magnificent job in giving just enough history to make new readers feel part of Tate’s past without regurgitating too much.

There are plenty of twists and turns, double crossing, skulduggery and good old fashioned killing! The pace is just about right – fast, bloody fast – and I really did struggle to leave the book alone for too long, eager to find out what would happen to the main characters. I would have liked the ending to have been a little more drawn out, I just felt it a tad rushed leaving questions unanswered especially after the magnificent foundation Magson set earlier in the book but it certainly leaves the door wide open for Harry’s next adventure!

It’s quite funny but the more I read Deception, the more I wished I’d been an MI5 or MI6 operative in my younger days. It’s not so much the killing I was interested in – not that I’m going to admit that here! – more the investigation and detective work required to catch the bad guys by chasing a target or following a money trail. It’s all great boys own stuff and the book has an authentic British feel I absolutely adored. One thing’s for sure, this won’t be the last Harry Tate adventure I read.

Deception is one of those books you won’t want to put down; you’ll find yourself reading late into the night when you shouldn’t be – perhaps by covert flashlight so as not to wake anyone – I know I did!

Although the third instalment in a British spy thriller series Deception can be read as a standalone but you will – like me – miss out on all the history that goes with a well-established series.

Available in Hardcover, Paperback or Kindle (best price).

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Severn House Publishers Ltd (24 Nov 2011)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0727881302
  • ISBN-13: 978-0727881304
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