The Summer Olympics, the Games of the XXX Olympiad or simply London 2012 – whatever you call the games they began last night at the Olympic Park in Stratford with a Lord of The Ring styled opening ceremony. A glittering host of celebrities took part and save for a few choice comments from the commentary team and a rather nervous performance by Sir Paul McCartney it all appeared to go off without a hitch.

David Beckham arrived with torch in hand courtesy of a high powered speedboat on the Thames and handed over to Sir Steve Redgrave, Britain’s most decorated and successful Olympian in the modern era, and he ran into the stadium to a roar from over 60,000 enthusiastic fans.

The highlight for me however was James Bond visiting Buckingham Palace and his audience with the Queen absolutely jaw dropping and with her majesty celebrating 60 years as the British monarch it was undoubtedly a highlight for her too!! I know what you are thinking, no way did the monarch agree to do this sketch but when she turned around I admit I was expecting a stand in or Helen Mirren but no, Elizabeth turned in her seat and said:

Good Evening Mr Bond!!

That’s all she had to say and with her Corgi’s at her side she left Buckingham Palace with Commander Bond in a helicopter. Truly amazing stuff and congratulations to Danny Boyle for pulling that off!!

I’m now wishing I’d taken the 17 days off so I could sit in my armchair and enjoy one of the greatest sporting spectacles we are likely to see – until the 2016 Olympics or the Games of the XXXI Olympiad roll around in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on August the 5th 2016. Good luck to all the athletes competing over the next fortnight.

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