The Two - Will Carver

The Two - Will Carver

They Kill Without Mercy. Disappear Without Trace.

They are The Two.

And now the stakes are raised once more for Detective January David.

5 lie dead, brutally murdered – the first taken on the night of Halloween and as autumn bleeds into winter more ritualistic murders are discovered.

January must battle his demons, for in his mind lies the clue to stopping a ruthless murderer.

But his worst nightmares have literally come true when he discovers there’s not one but two twisted killers on the loose …

I’ve just finished reading Will Carver’s second book – The Two – and I have to say that this, similar to his debut novel, is a big thinker, perhaps more so than the first, it’s certainly more intricate. A complex and multi layered novel it took me a little to get into the groove and find a rhythm with the book, even though I was used to Carver’s writing style. I wasn’t quite sure what was happening, everything is so quick and frenetic as we move from one view point to another, forward and back in time, Carver doesn’t take any prisoners!

One of the things I love about Will’s books is the chance to follow a story from beginning to end in the first person narrative and with it multiple viewpoints – the killers, the lead protagonist (Detective Inspector January David) and the victims – a unique opportunity and one I relished once again. Even when a victim is killed, it’s not the last we hear from them, they are given a voice long after death, a voice that helps move the story along and tie up any loose ends.

On numerous occasions I found myself reaching the end of a chapter and thinking ‘what happened there?’ as if the author purposely leaves the reader dangling, to evaluate, to ponder, but then a few chapters down the line he adroitly brings a different perspective into play that answers any questions you had at that point. It’s like having that Eureka moment, a moment of clarity. Loved it and incredibly clever writing. We move from month to month and then back in time, again investigating a crime and we continue to glean a little more information relative to the case in hand. Although it took me a short while to get into this rhythm – as I mentioned earlier – once I did there was no stopping me.

The narrative is incredibly taut and the story imaginative and adventurous. I enjoyed getting to know January David again, I felt as if I gleaned a little more of his personality this time round. He’s in a very dark place following the events that occurred in Girl 4 and he turns to the bottle on numerous occasions, popping a number of caffeine and homeopathic pills just to keep functioning. He’s once again at odds with Murphy but he can always rely on his partner in crime Paulson who offers a great supporting role once again. Jan, as he is affectionately known, has to fight throughout the novel, not only with his abilities but his own demons, but fight he does. David isn’t your typical protagonist but he’s a terrifically multi layered character, one you never quite know what he’ll come up with next.

Carver’s knowledge of London is impressive to say the least and I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around Trafalgar Square, the parks, the tubes and the various iconic buildings around the great city. It’s clear the author has a thorough knowledge and he manages to bring the city to life with a variety of walkabouts.

Along with a few twists and turns here and there and a few unanswered questions at the end, The Two is a thrilling addition to the January David series. A very enjoyable and entertaining read, of the two books Girl 4 remains my favourite (how on earth do you follow such a powerful title), but this title is a must read nonetheless. I would highly recommend reading Girl 4 before reading The Two – although not necessary -as it will give you a greater insight into January David’s colourful character and allow you to see his character development from one title to the other. I look forward to the follow up next year.

Published by Arrow, The Two is available in Paperback & Kindle formats.

480 Pages ·  ISBN-10: 0099551047 ·  ISBN-13: 978-0099551041

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  1. Nikki-ann says:

    Another two books to add to my reading pile!

    I’m sure I remember reading your review for Girl 4 too… I may just have to add these to my wishlist for my birthday in June. I love a good crime novel :)

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