The CWA Ellis Peters Historical Award Shortlist

The Crime Writers’ Association has announced the shortlist for this year’s prestigious Ellis Peters Historical Award. The six books on the shortlist (more details below) are:

  • Rory Clements Prince (John Murray)
  • Sam Eastland The Red Coffin (Faber & Faber)
  • Gordon Ferris The Hanging Shed (Corvus)
  • Andrew Martin The Somme Stations (Faber & Faber)
  • RN Morris The Cleansing Flames (Faber & Faber)
  • Imogen Robertson Island of Bones (Headline)

CWA chair Peter James said:

“Historical fiction remains as popular as ever and has seen the creation of some of crime writing’s most enduring characters. This year’s books continue that fine tradition.“

The winner will be announced on November 30 at the Athenaeum in London.

Reviews, I hope,  will follow over the next seven weeks for all those selected on this year’s Ellis Peters shortlist.

Once again the judges have selected a magnificent collection of historical novel ranging from last year’s winner Rory Clement’s Elizabethan Prince (John Murray) to World War one trench combat to 18th century sleuthing with Imogen Robertson’s Island of Bones (Headline) – of the six shortlisted, Faber & Faber lead the way with three nominations (Sam Eastland, Andrew Martin and RN Morris) – it should prove a fascinating evening.

 John Murray  Faber & Faber  Corvus
 Faber & Faber  Faber & Faber  Headline


Chair of Judges: Eileen Roberts – Originator and organiser of St Hilda’s annual crime symposium in Oxford, mystery and crime enthusiast.

Geoffrey Bailey – Bookseller specialising in crime.

Barry Forshaw – reviewer, editor of Crime Time magazine, and editor of British Crime Writing: An Encyclopaedia.

Sir Bernard Ingham – Press Secretary to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and crime fiction fan.

Jake Kerridge – Jake Kerridge takes an unhealthy interest in violence and murder as the Telegraph‘s crime fiction critic.

For more information please visit the CWA Historical Website

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