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A new gym, weight loss and a healthier attitude

Another Friday night is upon us and it certainly doesn’t feel as if it has been a full seven days since the last one – but it has!

Is it me or are the weeks going quicker and the weekend’s quicker still? That must mean that I’m having so much fun in work that the time just flies. It’s been a long hard week in work but a rewarding one. I’ve managed to achieve a lot and despite being absolutely cream crackered tonight I will look forward to Monday – but only when Monday is upon us!

As a special treat I decided to take the night off from training. I have rowed nine out of 11 nights recently so why not! I’ll be back on the rowing machine tomorrow but for one night I can relax and enjoy a little tv.

I nearly forgot, spent a few bucks at lunch thanks to the amazing deals Lovell Rugby have on at the moment. I decided to buy a Queensland Reds Super 14 wet weather training jacket. It looks amazing and although I don’t want it to rain I hope I get to try it out soon! At just £16.99 it’s a bargain!

A few weeks ago I heard that my current gym of 3 months was to close at the end of July. I wasn’t that bothered to be honest, I never got on with the place and preferred to row at home on my Concept 2 (at Gymworld) – the atmosphere wasn’t anything special and it never had that pull to get me to go five times a week.

I popped along to my local Bannatyne’s health club tonight to check it out and see what the atmosphere and facilities were like. I was pleasantly surprised and …

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