If you are reading this page then you are – more than likely – looking to submit a book or audio book for review. Please read on to discover more about the review and submission process.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the blog, your feedback and visitation is appreciated. All reviews on this blog are honest and final – I will not alter a review on the request of a publisher or author other than to correct incorrect spelling and mistakes on my part. I would also like to state from the outset that I do not receive any monetary gain from any of the reviews unless indicated as such eg sponsored articles etc.

I welcome contact from indie authors and publication houses although at this point in time I cannot guarantee I will be able to review submissions due to the number of books I receive from mainstream publishers around the world.

UPDATE:- I am currently accepting new review submissions from Indie and mainstream authors. I will update this page when this is no longer the case.

I will also do my very best to reply to any emails I receive – from mainstream publicists, indie authors and publishers – in a timely fashion but due to the number of emails I receive I cannot guarantee a speedy response so apologies for any delays experienced.

Genres Reviewed

I accept a wide variety of genres including Action, Crime, Thrillers, Suspense, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Historical Crime, Humour, Sport, Memoirs and Biographies. I do not accept Romance, Fantasy or Sci-Fi genred titles at this moment in time! If a genre isn’t listed above please do get in touch [by Twitter, Facebook or Contact Form], your enquiry will always receive a warm welcome!.

Interview Requests

Interview requests are also accepted as I strive to improve the interview section, however I will not interview any authors without reading an example of their work unless an author is known to me. I will do my very best to interview authors on deadlines and book/tour tie-ins but this cannot be guaranteed.

Notification & Reviews

I will always email the relevant contact when a review is live – author, publicist or publisher. Reviews will be posted on the blog and occassionaly on Goodreads. I will read and review a title according to the publication date supplied with the press copy/book. As I mentioned earlier this cannot be guaranteed but be assured I will do my best to review as close to the publication date as possible.

Occasionally numerous titles are released with the same publication date – when this occurs I may have to post a review a little earlier than expected to ensure all titles receive a timely review – again all publicists will be notified as per norm.

No comments will be made surrounding the editing or grammar in a title due to the volume of ARC’s and Proofs I receive. I reserve the right to mention errors to publicists in the hope that this helps with a final publication and not a criticism.

Books are read in their entirety (unless indicated in the review) – Audio CD’s will receive the same treatment.


I prefer to receive word documents, Epub files and hard copies when possible but appreciate this isn’t always possible. I can also accept Audio CD’s (or wav files), ebooks and other formats but please contact me before sending any copies.


There are numerous ways to get in touch – Twitter, Facebook and Contact Form.


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