Welcome to “Off The Record”. You’ll find numerous articles written by a variety of authors around the world – debut authors, established authors and those working hard to perfect their craft. Writing on a variety of topics “Off The Record” gives the author the opportunity to take you behind the scenes of some of their favourite characters, set locations and ideas behind their work giving you a chance to learn something new about your favourite authors – think of it like a dvd extra!

Author Article
Marcia Clark Art Reflects Life
Lynn Shepherd Three ‘Rs’ for the aspiring writer
LJ Sellers Detective Jackson’s Detour
Ken McClure My view on the world in 2011
Elliot Hall Against the Man – Noir and authority
SJ Bolton Behind The Scenes
VP Von Hoehen VP Von Hoehen dissects Kate Allen
Tana French Tana French talks interviews, narrators and Britney Spears
Simon Spurrier Crime: An Irrational Rationale
James Aitcheson History From The Other Side
Sophie Hannah How to make sure you don’t buy the wrong house
Dreda Say Mitchell Writing A Series
Adrian Dawson My route to publication
DE Meredith The Hatton and Roumande Mysteries
Anthony Hays Anthony Hays and Potatoes
Lynn Shepherd Seeing Victorian London through 21st century eyes
Kate Williams The inspiration behind Catherine Sorgeuil
Richard Pierce Dead Men – Why?
James Hayman Metamorphosis: Becoming Abby Quinn By James Hayman
Mari Hannah Why Character Biographies are so important to me
Geraint Anderson Writing a novel … it’s cheaper than therapy! by Geraint Anderson
L.J. Sellers Character Names: Why Does Gender Still Matter?

No section would of course be complete without author interviews and “Off The Record” is certainly no exception – the new section includes interviews and chats with authors Urban Waite, Matt Hilton and James Hayman to name but a few. Full Interview list below:-

Author Interview Book Reviews
Urban Waite Interview with Urban The Terror of Living
James Hayman Interview with James The Cutting (McCabe 1)
Belinda Bauer Interview with Belinda Blacklands & Darkside
Lynn Shepherd Interview with Lynn Murder at Mansfield Park
Matt Hilton Interview with Matt Cut & Run, Dead Men’s Dust, Judgement & Wrath
Linwood Barclay A Chat with Linwood Never Look Away
Robert Goddard Interview with Robert Blood Count
Michael Koryta Interview with Michael So Cold The River & The Cypress House
James McCreet Interview with James The Thieves’ Labyrinth
Steve Berry Interview with Steve The Emperor’s Tomb
Will Carver A chat with Will Carver Girl 4
Karin Slaughter A chat with Karin Slaughter Fallen
Tess Gerritsen Interview with Tess Gerritsen The Killing Place
Brett Battles A chat with Brett Battles The Silenced
Alison Bruce A chat with Alison Bruce The Calling
Casey Hill A chat with Casey Hill
Erin Kelly A Chat with Erin Kelly The Sick Rose
Scott Mariani Interview with Scott Mariani The Sacred Sword
Simon Toyne Interview with Simon Toyne The Key, Sanctus

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