Hunt The Wolf

Hunt The Wolf

Navy SEAL commander Thomas Crocker and his men consider it a duty to protect the defenceless, proudly standing between innocent people and those who would do them harm.

So when they learn that young girls are going missing all over Europe, they are determined to track down and take out the ruthless men behind the kidnappings.

But as they follow the trail from Scandinavia to the Middle East, they find themselves facing a web of terrorist cells with more terrifying ambitions than they could have imagined.

Don Mann was on active duty with Navy SEAL team six until 1998. HUNT THE WOLF draws on his experience to tell the stories only a real-life insider can reveal.

An entertaining read, Hunt The Wolf by Don Mann and Ralph Pezzullo is a humorous action thriller and for the most part a very quick page turner. Packed to the brim with the explosive exploits of Crocker and his SEAL team it has the odd quiet moment, the K2 chapters in particular, but even the mountaineering section piqued my interest with an atmospheric climb against the elements that reminded me of No Way Down by Graham Bowley. The one thing I enjoyed about the K2 section was that you really had no idea who would come out alive which is always a good thing!

Although I expected the book to be a fairly accurate representation of the work Navy SEALs undertake – you rarely get revelations from former SEALs – with the odd moment of poetic licence thrown in for good measure I hadn’t anticipated the underlying humour that existed between teammates! It shouldn’t come as any surprise given the bond these guys have together and I have to admit there were a few occasions when I couldn’t stop laughing, the humorous passages all helping to alleviate the discovery of the terrifying conditions the young women found themselves in.

Treated as sex objects and kept like rabid dogs the women fight to stay alive and it’s left to Crocker to find a way to save them but this isn’t the only thing our protagonist has to deal with. Following the bombing of the US Embassy in Morocco – incidentally one of my favourite opening chapters this year – it soon becomes evident that the bombing and missing young women are connected. What ensues is a race against time to try and find the women alive and to stop the terrorists.

There were a couple of scenes where I had to suspend belief but this is a minor gripe for the book is very well written, free flowing – especially the final 100 pages or so – and with Mann’s Navy SEAL experience revealing closely guarded strategies Hunt The Wolf is a thrilling read.

Character development is spot on and I really enjoyed getting to know the entire team and felt they all grew as the book developed. Crocker is an interesting character. Married twice he has a hardened persona who now and again allows his softer side to surface, much to the chagrin of his teammates but it’s this softer side that gives him balance. A likeable guy, in fact they all are – apart from the terrorists – you find yourself wanting the hero to succeed and I for one can’t wait to read his exploits in future books.

A rapid read, plenty of explosions and tactical advances Hunt The Wolf is a gripping book that will satisfy from the very first page until you close the book for the final time.

Hunt The Wolf is available in paperback and Kindle in the UK and paperback in the United States.

  • Paperback: 320 pages
  • Publisher: Mulholland Books (22 Nov 2012)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1444742396
  • ISBN-13: 978-1444742398
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