The Destroyed

The Destroyed

Mila Voss is dead.

That’s what the team hired to terminate her had reported, and that’s how her file had been marked.

Dead. Six years now.

So why did she suddenly show up on a hotel’s security camera in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania? Those who’d paid for her elimination are more than a little curious.

One person should know what happened—Jonathan Quinn, one of the best cleaners in the business, the man who’d been tasked with the disposal of her body.

Only Quinn isn’t exactly easy to get a hold of these days, and he may not be willing to share the answer.

I was first introduced to the Jonathan Quinn series last year when I read The Silenced, an action packed thriller that travelled the globe and the latest novel – The Destroyed – in the series is certainly no exception. Fast paced, quite witted and with a solution to the most troublesome of predicament Jonathan Quinn returns after a sabbatical in Thailand determined to clean up his past.

As with his previous novels Quinn is a private man and when we first meet the cleaner he’s a man determined to stay hidden but when Nate turns up with the news that Mila Voss has risen from the dead it forces Quinn to re-evaluate his self-imposed exile.

Although Battles has moved away from mainstream publishing and gone down the independent route after four successful novels in the series the quality hasn’t suffered as a result. His intelligent writing style is still there, the book is well edited and it flows effortlessly from beginning to end. Battles takes his time to build a solid foundation and hook the reader in and as the story intensifies and the pieces of the jigsaw begin to make sense the pace increases until a frenetic and well thought out conclusion stamps its authority on the book.

Set in present times and flashbacks to 2006 – incidentally my favourite part of the book – the storyline is well thought out but for me it’s when we travel back in time to 2006 the book and story really comes alive. I found myself whizzing through that part of the story and wanted to read more on how they found themselves in danger in the present.

As with Brett’s other novels The Destroyed is unyielding and can be read singularly or as part of the series but to get the most out of a series now on its fifth outing it may be worth starting with the first adventure The Cleaner. Doing so would obviously allow a deeper understanding of the main protagonists.

The plot is easy to follow yet at the same time complex and intelligently woven. With a great cast of regulars and new characters The Destroyed is another barnstormer of an action thriller and Battles is still at the top of his game with this Jonathan Quinn adventure.

Only available as a kindle book, The Destroyed is self-published

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