I went to work today, like millions of like-minded people, with a serious case of what I call Olympiad Hangover. After 17 days of the most sporting, fair (not including the disgraced badminton players or the Belarus female shot put athlete stripped of her drug induced Gold medal), terrific and inspirational performances from thousands of athletes around the world, I didn’t know what to do with myself today!

In fact today has felt like its own marathon – I mean, how is anyone expected to work without being able to watch live 10m diving finals, the women’s gold medal match with Team USA in the football and a whole host of amazing Olympians from Team GB? Do we really have to talk about serious work issues? Can’t we forget about who stole the pencil sharpener, forgot to re order the toner and turn back the clock and watch it all again using the BBC iPlayer, pretending we don’t know the results?

Guess not! However we do have the London 2012 Paralympics to look forward to, it’s only a matter of 16 days to wait and by all accounts it’s going to be a cracker. Talking of inspirational performances, I guarantee we’ll come across hundreds of athletes who will defy all logic and compete at a level able bodied athletes can only dream of achieving – I know I’m one!

Before the games of the XXX Olympiad began we heard the term legacy mentioned time and time again and apart from Team GB winning a brilliant 29 Golds, 17 Silvers and 19 Bronze medals – and in so doing setting a foundation that will benefit hundreds of thousands of youngsters – for me it was the fact that it brought a nation together. People with no interest in sport were hooked; they talked about Usain Bolt, Mo Farrah, Sir Chris Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and let’s not forget Bradley Wiggins. There are hundreds of athletes all deserving a mention from rowing to shooting, swimming – no Rebecca Adlington didn’t win “just a bronze” – and equestrian. The camaraderie in work places across the country, from bus stops to train stations, no matter where you were someone somewhere was talking about the Olympics.

But the legacy is only as strong as the actions after the event. Once the Paralympics has finished – or possibly before – we need to ensure that all this good will and hard work isn’t wasted. We need to look forward and in 12 years time when we are fighting for more Gold medals than ever we need to know we followed through and the youth of today benefited, not only for the handful of Olympic champions but to make our nation a healthier place to live. Money spent on school projects, fighting obesity from the ground up will be money well spent.

If you are suffering today then why not watch one of the following videos, just to take your mind off countless hours of repetitive stress in work. Courtesy of Team GB, Team USA (women’s Soccer) Tom Daley and Team GB’s diving squad (taking a break from training) relax and have a laugh at Team bonding!! (If you come across any more just let me know!!). It’s only 4 years to Brazil and Rio 2016 – I can’t wait!

Team GB – Adidas – Don’t Stop Me Now

Party in the USA – Women’s Soccer Team (USA)

Tom Daley & Team GB Diving Team – Sexy and I know it!

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