Writing a novel … it’s cheaper than therapy!

Payback Time

Payback Time

My latest novel ‘Payback Time’ focuses on a group of friends who decide to take down the bank they blame for their friend’s suicide; it’s full of righteous indignation and fantasy fulfilment from an author who may seem to have an agenda against City firms.

I spent twelve long years working in the Square Mile surrounded by conniving colleagues and arrogant clients whilst doing a pointless job that led to the kind of self-loathing Sinead O’Connor would be proud of.

You don’t have to be Sigmund Freud to work out that there may be a connection!

Towards the end of my City career I wrote an anonymous column in a London newspaper. Week-in-week-out I would expose the nefarious goings-on that I witnessed and this ‘confessional’ really helped me get things off my chest. Without a doubt, those 500,000 readers were my all acting as a therapist for a man who was close to the edge!

After I left my banking job and the newspaper I wrote for went bust I had a choice – I could spend many thousands of pounds lying down on a chaise longue listening to some old German bloke asking me about my mother or I could write a book in which I got some of my remaining ‘issues’ off my chest … and maybe make a few quid whilst doing it. For an ex-Cityboy it was what we used to call a ‘no-brainer’!

But I suspect ‘Payback Time’ isn’t just going to act as therapy for me – I hope that the concept of people taking revenge on the banks may prove quite a popular one in the current environment. Surely, most readers will enjoy a book that turns the tables on the banksters who, despite having thrown the world into a financial crisis, seem to have got away with blue murder.

However, things aren’t as simple as that – this tale has quite a few twists and turns. After deciding to take on a second bank, the gang come to realise that there’s a rat in their midst and they soon begin blaming each other for various disturbing developments.

Without wishing to be too pretentious, by involving a healthy dose of self-recrimination, I may be giving myself (and the reader) a little bit of hard-nosed therapy … something about taking responsibility for our actions and not just blaming others for getting ourselves into the mess we’re in!

‘Payback Time’ (Headline, £12.99) by Geraint Anderson is out on 21st June and available from Amazon.

Check out Geraint’s website www.cityboy.biz and follow Geraint on Twitter @cityboylondon

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