Watch Me Die - Erica Spindler

Watch Me Die - Erica Spindler

After years of pain and turmoil, stained glass restoration expert Mira Gallier is on the verge of having it all – again. But her perfect life, like the magnificent windows blown to bits by Hurricane Katrina, is about to be shattered. Mira wakes in the night to the scent of her dead husband’s aftershave; catches a glimpse of him in a crowd; senses his presence; hears his voice. Could Jeffery, swept away by Katrina’s flood waters, still be alive? Then Mira’s business partner is brutally murdered, her nude body found posed in the dappled coloured light of the magnificent Mary Magdalene window. As evidence mounts against her, Mira must prove she’s neither a murderer nor losing her grip on sanity – and escape a psychopath who will stop at nothing until he possesses her, body and soul.

Watch Me Die by Erica Spindler is one of those books you’ll pick up and struggle to put down, I certainly did. I enjoyed every minute, well nearly every minute, more on that later but finishing the book at 2am is testament – sorry couldn’t resist the pun – to the author’s talents and incontrovertible hold she had on me! I’ve been meaning to read a book set in New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for some time now and when the opportunity came in the shape of Watch Me Die I jumped at the chance. Although it only fleetingly touches on the devastation caused by the 2005 Hurricane Spindler does just enough to make the reader feel part of the rebuilding process and give a sense of hope for the locals caught up in the hurricane.

The multi layered plot is both intelligent and well crafted; Spindler certainly knows how to weave her psychological suspense web with an enthralling whodunit that works on so many levels. I’ve seen the book labelled a romance suspense thriller but apart from a couple of scenes I wouldn’t class it as such, more gripping and psychological with a littlemore than a hint of police procedural for me. The whodunit aspect is interesting to say the least, although I had a rough idea who was responsible – for the deaths that is – it wasn’t confirmed until I only had a handful of pages left to read. It certainly keeps you honest right up to the closing moments.

Relationships form a big part of this book but the great thing I took from it was that apart from one relationship – that of the Stacy and Malone – you really were clueless as to which partnership would stand the course, that in itself was entertaining. There’s a lot of negativity, distrust and downright backstabbing that goes on which gives the book an edgy feel throughout not to mention the odd psycho tendencies on display!

Characterisation was incredibly interesting to say the least. Well developed in the most part I found one character intensely infuriating and really didn’t enjoy reading about her. I was quite surprised how she affected me so much, Spindler certainly worked me over on that score. The character in question is Malone’s new colleague Bayle, a woman who appears to know what she wants and unfortunately doesn’t care who she treads on to get it. She is the most unlikeable character in the book but kudos to the author for making her so, no point having all characters one dimensional. Her role in the book works in promoting opposite views to Malone, it leads to a range of interesting confrontations.

Although I’ve touched on the psychological aspect earlier I really enjoyed watching how a couple of characters appeared to become unhinged as the storyline developed. I won’t say who, I’ll let you find that out yourselves, but the development was certainly interesting and cleverly thought out. It was quite bleak in parts.

The narrative is well paced and flows unhindered because of it. In fact I’d go as far to say it appears to have a mind of its own and before you know where you are you’ve read another 50 pages. Weighing in at close to 500 pages it shouldn’t take you long to read at all, there’s always something waiting to hook you in at the turn of a page.

Full of twists and turns, slick narrative and engaging characters Watch Me Die is a terrific thriller. Welcome to N’Orleans – the weather’s as hot as the Cajun cooking you’re sure to find!

Published by Sphere, Watch Me Die is available in Hardback, Paperback & Kindle

472 Pages ·  ISBN-10: 0751542741 ·  ISBN-13: 978-0751542745

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    Sounds brilliant. I like a well paced book.

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