Catch Your Death by Louise Voss & Mark Edwards

Catch Your Death by Louise Voss & Mark Edwards

Fear is contagious…The No.1 bestselling internet sensation. Now in an updated edition with exclusive new material. A terrifying enigma – with the power to destroy…Twenty years ago, Kate Maddox was a volunteer at research centre where scientists hunted for a cure for the common cold virus. That summer, Kate fell in love with a handsome young doctor, Stephen, but her stay ended in his tragic death and Kate fled to a new life in the US. Now Kate is back in England and on the run with her young son, this time from her vile husband. But a chance encounter sets her on a terrifying path of discovery. What really happened at the Cold Research Unit two decades ago?

I’ve been looking forward to reading Catch Your Death for some time now, ever since I read the hype on the internet and twitter, long time number one bestselling e-book thank you very much! Keith Walters raved about it in his online review and when I managed to grab a copy – paperback edition, not kindle – I set some time aside and began reading two days ago. Travelling to London as I do on a regular basis these days I do find reading a little hit or miss on the train and is dependent – at least for me – on a conducive reading atmosphere and one devoid of screaming kids to distract me. With that in mind I guess travelling on a train in the middle of half term would certainly test this theory out! Armed with the paperback from Mark Edwards and Louise Voss – already 100 pages in before embarking on my journey – I sat back in the chair, shut out the world and the two highly strung kids three rows down and began reading.

By the time I’d finished the return leg of my journey last night I’d somehow managed to read 250 pages and finish the thriller, I can’t remember the last time I’d read that many pages on a train and is testament to the quality and flow of the book! Catch Your Death is a page turner if ever there was one; I didn’t want to put it down. It reminded me of the medical thrillers written by Ken McLure, a series of books I absolutely love reading!

As I’ve already mentioned this is a very quick read and considering the book is written by two authors I was expecting to find a mixture of writing styles but try as I might, I failed to spot where one author left off and the other took over; the narrative is taut and well-constructed. Very well written with a powerful and knowledgeable narrative that educates as well as entertains, Catch Your Death is supported by an imaginative dialogue. Having said that there were one or two short examples where I didn’t think the dialogue worked but I really am being highly critical. I struggled to find fault with the book and the flashbacks they used sparingly worked well and a seamless addition to a medical thriller that is both frightening in its possibilities and enthralling at the same time.

One of the reasons this book works so well is the overriding fear that this could really happen, it has an air of believability and it allowed my imagination to run riot imagining a whole host of disastrous scenarios. No one knows what truly happens behind closed doors in medical research centres around the world – not just in the UK – but after reading this book one begins to question whether a lethal outbreak in a third world country is accidental or part of a bigger plan to eradicate a clueless population. Conspiracy theorists will absolutely love this book!

Characterisation is interesting and well developed. For the majority of the book we concentrate on Kate and her relationship with her son Jack and Paul, a hacker who is trying to rebuild his life after mixing with the wrong crowd. Jack’s role is an interesting one and one I thoroughly enjoyed even though as a young kid in an adult thriller his role is limited. I enjoyed how Jack spoke through his robot Billy allowing his mother know how he was feeling at any given time. It was a cute touch and clearly written by a parent who has gone through something similar!

Although I enjoyed the ending – a fitting conclusion to the story – I did find the final part a little rushed. I wanted to savour the moment and continue reading but before I knew it I’d turned over the final page and the book had finished. A little more padding and this book would have been near on perfect!

A well delivered thriller, Catch Your Death will entertain and enthral from beginning to end and should you have the lightest of sniffles while reading the book, this taut narrative will have you rushing to your nearest pharmacy and stocking up on vitamin c. The only problem – it’s not going to help!! Highly Recommended.

Published by HarperCollins, Catch Your Death is available in Paperback & Kindle (just 99p)

  • ISBN-10: 0007460708
  • ISBN-13: 978-0007460700
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