When rookie cop Micayla Lange arrests a man she discovers breaking into her old family friend Nicco Marino’s mansion, her troubles have only just begun.

Because, as she pulls a gun on professional thief Jason Davis, he drops the bag he’s stolen – and it spills open to reveal photographs of Kristen’s genial “uncle” Nicco handing money to a number of Detroit’s most powerful politicians and law-makers.

No-one was meant to see those photos, least of all a police officer. And – with close circuit cameras capturing every moment of Micayla’s realisation that Uncle Nicco is seriously involved with the mob – she may now be in mortal danger.

But Jason has a suggestion. Perhaps if they team up – then maybe there’ll a chance they’ll both get out alive… He’s her only hope. But can she trust him with her life?

I’m not quite sure where to begin reviewing Sleepwalker by Karen Robards and although I have now finished the book it has left me in two minds! I guess I’ll begin with the covert art, had it not been for a simply stunning book jacket I sincerely doubt whether I’d have picked this book up – testament to a superb job done by the designer and art department. Sporting a woman on the run, the headlights of a car visible in a snowy landscape it just begs to be read.

I have to admit I hadn’t heard of Karen Robards before receiving this book and was surprised to see that she is an established author with more than 30 books to her credit, mostly in the romance genre. Sleepwalker however borders two genres – namely action and romance – and for the most part she successfully pulls it off. As many of my regular readers will know I shy away from reading romance novels, it’s not something I do and had I known this book contained its fair share of passion I simply wouldn’t have picked it up. There were a couple of occasions when I thought I’d stop reading due to the passionate encounters but I persevered – perhaps too strong a word – and I’m glad I did because I was rewarded with a thrilling dénouement.

The storyline is fairly predictable, girl meets boy, wrong side of the tracks, playing a game of cat and mouse while on the run from a mob boss and his foot soldiers. Given this is a romantic thriller of sorts there are no prizes for guessing if the pair will share the odd passionate embrace. Having said all that I did enjoy the book and as I approached the final third of the book I really wanted to see what happened to the main protagonists. I’m not saying the book made me a fan of romantic thrillers but it was thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining – and a very quick read.

The narrative is well delivered and the storyline offered a few surprises along the way but the majority of the plot concentrated on our two main characters “the cop” and “the thief”. Both characters refused to give an inch, both positive they were right and both refused to budge from their beliefs. Delivered with both humour and tension Sleepwalker is an enjoyable read and by the end of the book I did have a vested interest into what would become of our hero and heroine.

Published by Hodder, Sleepwalker is available to buy in Hardback & Kindle.

370 Pages — ISBN-10: 1444710001 — ISBN-13: 978-1444710007

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  1. Nikki-ann says:

    Ta very much for the link! :)

    What got me in this book is the pace of it. It’s relentless and just doesn’t give at all. A very quick read.

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