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As we near the end of another year I thought I’d have a little fun with a couple of top 10 lists. The first, the top 10 debut titles released and reviewed in 2011 and an overall top 10 that includes debut authors and established authors.

Top 10 Debuts in 2011

A number of titles that have caught my eye this year and I thought, before I list my top 10 titles,  I’d start with a few titles that almost made it into my top 10 list and all deserve a special mention. In August Roxy Freeman shared her heart breaking story in Little Gypsy, a book that is guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye. July gave us an emotional story of a woman accused of murdering her best friend – Turn of Mind by Alice LaPlante and finally Spiral by Paul McEuen a stunning bio-tech thriller from the Cornell professor.

Twists and turns in abundance, “Random” will shock you to the core – Robertson weaving his magic with fluidity that belies his experience. Highly recommended but not  for the fainthearted!  Take a bow Craig – clean up on aisle 4!Published by Simon & Schuster – Review
If you’re looking for an adrenaline pumping adventure, believable characters and a few jaw dropping moments then look no further than Hunted by Emlyn Rees. Danny Shanklin is about to set the world on fire, the only question remains – can anyone stop him?Published by CorsairReview


An intelligent novel, Pariahis a remarkable debut from David Jackson. In Callum Doyle, Jackson certainly has a protagonist well worth protecting – I for one can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. New York’s finest battle it out in this pulsating crime thriller.Published by MacmillanReview
I didn’t see the ending – didn’t think it was possible but Julia writes with such authority that it felt the right thing to do – it will quite possibly leave you breathless for a second or two. In fact, like her characterisation, the conclusion will satisfy readers on multiple levels. Cuckoo, so aptly titled, is a stunning introduction to her work and I for one can’t wait to read her next novel.Published by HeadlineReview
With numerous twists and turns along the way, Creep will entertain and enthral from beginning to end. Just try and read this book without humming along to Radiohead’s Creep – I dare you!Published by SphereReview
A truly remarkable book that had me guessing right up to the end. There’s something so powerful and natural about this book that makes me want to read it again and again. His Staccato styled narrative is beautifully written and hooks you in from the very first page and never lets go until its conclusion.Published by TransworldReview
The Terror of Living” is a complex tale of survival, greed, drugs and brutality – leaving nothing to the imagination, Waite has a sure fire hit on his hands.Published by Simon & Schuster Review
A stunning debut from an exciting new author, “Sanctus” isn’t your average high octane thriller – it’s more than that. If Ruin actually existed I would have booked the first flight to Turkey by mid-morning – if only for the bottled water!Published by HarperCollinsReview
Considering Girl 4 is Will Carver’s debut it’s hard to imagine how he’ll top this book. The book reads like a runaway train – no matter how hard you try to stop it – you just can’t! Just when you think the driver has control of the train, Carver adds more coal to the fire, stokes the narrative up a notch and we set off on another journey! Enough train talk?! You get the point!Brilliant debut, highly imaginative and so compelling.

Published by ArrowReview

With wonderful characterisation, mesmerising relationships, a breathtaking narrative and a story that will most certainly leave you wanting more, Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweetis one of my highlights of the year. I cannot rate this title any higher – a remarkable read and a voyage not to be missed. Spellbinding.Published by Allison & Busby Review
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