My Monster Burrufu

My Monster Burrufu

Seven-year-old Olivia has just moved to a new house — the same house where a lonely monster named Burrufu lives hidden in a secret attic. One night, unable to resist the smell of delicious cookies, Burrufu sneaks out and is discovered by Olivia. The two soon learn that you can find friendship in the most unexpected places. ‘My Monster Burrufu’ is a story of overcoming fear, a curse, and a most unusual monster who learns from a little girl how to trust his heart.

Rarely do I get the opportunity to review a book aimed at young children but when a new and vibrant publishing company – Petit Grande Idee – from Los Angeles got in touch to ask if I’d like to take a look at their debut title I jumped at the chance given the message the book aims to deliver – never judge a book by its cover – and is predominately aimed at young children aged 9-12 years old, although saying that adults will enjoy it too!

My Monster Burrufu is a delightfully charming tale of a young girl who, along with her father, moves to a new three story house away from the hustle and bustle of city life for a fresh new start. On exploring the house Olivia discovers the house has a resident monster and although her father doesn’t believe it to be true he tells her monsters living in a house bring good luck. Eager to explore further and meet her monster she baits him with fresh cookies and the most unlikely friendship begins!

My Monster Burrufu

My Monster Burrufu

The major message behind the book is one of see people for who they are, not on how they look. We are all guilty in one way or another of judging someone on appearances and this message is as relevant to adults today as it is to children tomorrow. Burrufu does his best to alienate Olivia and make himself as scary as possible but the young girl can see through the seven foot monster and she is resolute and her determination to befriend the loveable monster is rewarded with an unlikely companionship. Burrufu is used to his own company and initially finds the little girl’s company tedious and unwanted but he soon softens his stance!

The black and white animation is unsurprisingly sumptuous – given its pedigree – and beautifully created. Atmospheric and true to the storyline the characters effortlessly come to life and although standing at seven foot, Burrufu is clearly a gentle giant – with a heart to match – and one who won’t scare the younger children too much – especially when he wears his glasses! The book is written by Alberto Corral – Kung Fu Panda 2 & Shrek Forever After – and beautifully illustrated by Alessandra Sorrentino (The Secret of Kells).

Although published in paperback and black & white images I can certainly see this working as a small hardback and colour images, it would certainly add a little something to a wonderful book. Maybe they’ll release this and future books in hardback – it would certainly add a little more longevity to the book and collectability to any future series.

Next time I read this book I’ll make sure I put the chocolate chip cookies in the oven in plenty of time, just to add that certain something extra!! Absolutely delightful and enchanting.

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  1. Nikki-ann says:

    Sounds like a great kids book. One to look out for when my neice & nephew are older :)

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