Cage of Bones by Tania Carver

Cage of Bones by Tania Carver

Workers demolishing a building in Colchester make a horrifying discovery in the basement: a cage made of human bones . . . with a feral child inside. As Phil Brennan and Marina Esposito investigate, they expose the trail of a serial killer who has been operating undetected for thirty years – a killer with a disturbing connection to Brennan’s father.

One of the great things about reviewing books, I’ve discovered, is that you never quite know what to expect when you begin reading a new author. Will it be a flop, will it flow, will you like what they have to say and how they say it? Over the last thirteen months I’ve only failed to read one book – gave up after 55 pages – so either my threshold is above average or I’ve been incredibly lucky and the standard of what’s on offer at the moment is incredibly high. I’m going to go with a high standard, one has to remain positive!

Weighing in at well over 500 pages Cage of Bones is a meaty book – sorry couldn’t resist! – and it’s certainly not for the feint hearted. From the very outset the book gripped me and just like the victims it became evidently clear I wasn’t going anywhere. Fortunately I’d switch off the light at the end of a night’s reading, pull back the bedding and go to bed; no such luxury afforded the poor unfortunate souls in Cage of Bones mind.

Cage of Bones is avilable in Paperback & Kindle.

Darkness has come and gone and Faith is frantically running through the forest, desperate to escape her abductor, naked as the day she was born she’s running for her life; literally. If caught she knows there will be no escape, her life no matter how bad it seems is worth fighting for, her son Ben depends on her. The scene was so descriptive and atmospheric I found myself lost in the chase and suddenly realised I’d been holding my breath for what seemed an eternity. I lowered the book, pausing momentarily, took a breath and composed myself ready to re-join the footrace. Every time Faith snagged her naked skin on the ever present branches, brambles and thorns I winced, I felt every whip of a branch and every cut of the bramble as they attacked her skin. Faith couldn’t feel a thing of course; she had other things on her mind.

The forest floor began to slope downwards. There was an incline leading towards the road. Faith ran down it. Brambles and thorns were thick here. The tore at her, attempted to hold her back. She ignored them, refused to feel her arms, legs, as they were ripped open. Some snagged her, refusing to give way. She kept on running, letting them gouge out large lumps of bleeding flesh.

No time for that. Only for escape. Escape …..

The narrative is sharp and well delivered so much so that Cage of Bones didn’t take as long to read as I was expecting. There’s something natural about the way Tania Carver writes, Cage of Bones is all about the plot and the characters. Save for a few scene setting scenarios introducing the main protagonists Carver wastes very little time with random sub plots and useless information. Everything included in the book is there for a reason and I never once found any part of it superfluous. There’s an underlying strength and tension in the prose that grips from the very beginning and combining that with a crisp and intuitive dialogue throughout, the end is in sight far too quickly for my liking!

Characterisation is well thought out and developed and although there are clear protagonists in Brennan and Esposito, Carver doesn’t forget the supporting cast at all. I found myself liking some and hating others and by hate I mean you’ll want to throw the book at them, retrieve said book and do it all again and just for good measure when they think you’ve done all you are going to do; slap them senseless! But that’s what I love about books, it allows you to let your imagination run riot and cause mayhem if you so desire and whether these hated characters get their comeuppance in the book you’ll have to read for yourself!

The story itself is imaginative, very dark and multi layered – what more would you want from a book – but for me it was the underlying tension and gripping atmosphere that held me captive throughout. If you’re looking for an intelligent and well-presented novel, numerous twists and turns and great character representation then look no further than Tania Carver’s Cage of Bones.

Published by Sphere (Little Brown), Cage of Bones is avilable in Paperback & Kindle.

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  1. Nikki-ann says:

    As I’ve said previously… I’m going to have to stop coming here else I won’t be able to move for books! :D

    Another great read and another one that sounds right up my street.

    I noticed you said “… pull back the bedding and go to bed”, rather than “…go to sleep”. Were you able to sleep having just read Cage of Bones?!

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