Marcia Clark launches Mulholland Books

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Marcia Clark

Marcia Clark

When you finally meet someone you have admired from afar over a sustained period, followed their career or held said person in great reverence – it invariably turns out to be a major disappointment – a disaster – for they never turn out to be quite what you expected or hoped for. Although I approached this “meeting of the minds” with a slight trepidation and a determination not to mention gloves, my fears were allayed within seconds of meeting Marcia Clark.

A few months ago I was offered the chance to spend the evening with former Deputy District Attorney Marcia Clark when she visited London to promote her debut fiction title Guilt by Association – the launch title for Mulholland Books both in the UK and the US. Needless to say I jumped at the chance and it was on a balmy London evening – last night – I sat down with Marcia shooting the breeze and confabulating over a variety of topics including the OJ Simpson trial, Barrack Obama, 9/11, her legal career and of course the book!

Marcia is unquestionably a seasoned professional and well versed in meeting people from all walks of life – whether through her experiences dealing with the media, family members of the victims she represented or her various public engagements – the overriding feeling I had within seconds of meeting her was her unforced and natural down to earth persona. She immediately put me at ease and we talked non-stop for close on fifty minutes – I have no idea where the time went but as we concluded the chat I felt as if I’d just spent an hour with a long lost friend.

We spent five or ten minutes talking about the OJ case, how it had such an impact around the world and how no one anticipated the circus event that ensued. They always say hindsight is a wonderful thing but had the prosecution known that allowing cameras into the courtroom would give rise to wall to wall coverage across the globe an objection would most certainly have been raised with Judge Ito. Having ardently followed the trial in ’95 it was incredibly interesting to sit back, take stock and listen to Marcia reminiscing about her fellow lawyers, the crime itself and the horrific images they had to endure.

One thing that did surprise me was Marcia’s admission that she treats every case the same. No one case if bigger than another – rich or poor, young or old they all have one thing in common – victims. The families are inevitably left to pick up the pieces and deal with the aftermath and it’s up to the prosecution team to try and give them the justice they seek – it was refreshing to hear and something I would imagine incredibly hard to do.

The conversation then moved on to the recent death of Osama Bin Laden, how airport security has changed beyond recognition

it took one guy to carry explosives in his shoes and now we all have to take our shoes off in airports – it only takes one!

and the poisoned chalice, aka the US economy, Barrack Obama inherited as the first black President in the United States.

When we eventually moved on to Guilt by Association and her heroine Rachel Knight it was clear to me that it would be impossible to curb her infectious enthusiasm for this new project. Her face lit up as she took great in telling me about how she wanted to attack the series, shape her characters, her long term plans for her main protagonist and how she hopes to take Toni and Bailey and Graden, the supporting characters further.

Sharing a joke about chocolate muffins we moved on to the topic of diets and weight loss and how Rachel Knight in the book attempted to curb weight gain by eating scrambled eggs with egg whites and training at the gym. I bravely asked her rather cheekily if this was this something that echoed real life and her answer was succinct

I’m a woman”! – She said smilingly!

Such a refreshing and honest reply – and I certainly wasn’t going to argue but believe you me, Marcia has nothing to worry about!

Once we’d finished putting the world to rights, discussing the inevitable jet lag we moved on to the Mulholland launch party for Guilt by Association held at the Hospital Club in central London where she worked the room like a seasoned pro, affording everyone time to sit, chat and sign books.

Later that evening after we had discussed exploding hamsters (I kid you not) bagels and variations on a Nutmeg theme I took a quiet moment to reflect on the chat with Marcia and the overwhelming impression she left me with – an incredibly intelligent woman with a sensitive side found just below the surface that was incredibly endearing.

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  1. Great piece on a great evening’s event.
    I think you really captured the ‘spice’ of the evening too :)

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