DCI Banks: Aftermath

DCI Banks: Aftermath based on the best-selling novel by Peter Robinson.

Please be aware that this summary contains spoilers from the second episode which aired on the 4th October, 2010 on ITV. Please stop reading if you haven’t watched the episode. Episode 1 Summary and thoughts.

So Marcus Payne has died and following an autopsy the medical examiner has declared his death as unlawful – he was killed and had no defensive marks on his hands or arms – leading to an internal disciplinary for WPC Janet Taylor. Janet admits to savagely beating Payne while he was handcuffed and changes her statement admitting guilt.

Banks soon discovers, thanks to an eye witness, that Marcus Payne had an accomplice when Leanne, the only remaining missing girl was abducted. He then sets about hunting his accomplice down with the help of his fellow officers.

Fingerprints lead to Jackie Wray (Barry Sloane) and he is hauled in for questioning and following a heated exchange Banks leaves the interrogation room. Peter Robinson, creator of DCI Banks on Amazon.

Annie Cabbot and Banks come to the realisation that Lucy Payne is the accomplice but when Banks visits Lucy in hospital he finds a confident woman who has “lawyered up”. She lays the blame on her neighbour Maggie claiming she was having an affair with her husband.

Despite promising to keep Payne’s murder in house, Annie Cabbot is sent to arrest WPC Janet Taylor following a positive toxicology report for vodka the night she was on duty.

Lucy Payne we discover was kept in a cage for the first ten years of her life, beaten, abused and systematically raped by her family. Banks forces a confession out of her; she breaks down under the pressure and is arrested for her part in the murders and under police guard taken to hospital.

Banks is promoted and told to take a month off work. Lucy Payne leads the police to where Leanne is buried but Banks can’t let things lie and emotionally confronts Payne at the scene. She breaks down yet again but this time Banks holds her tenderly.

So there we have it, the end of the two part pilot for DCI Banks. I think it’s been a positive introduction, Annie Cabbot has grown on me and the chemistry between her and Banks is there for all to see – be interesting to see where that is taken in future episodes.

Despite early criticism by some fans following the first episode, Peter Robinson is delighted with Tomkinson’s portrayal of DCI Banks – couldn’t be happier apparently.

I think they managed to fit a lot into two one hour episodes, the acting was strong and production values high – Tompkinson is just what the Vet ordered! Shot on location in Yorkshire the episode ends with Banks outside his cottage – Oh how I love that cottage!!!

If you want to read more about DCI Banks: then buy Aftermath the best-selling novel by Peter Robinson.

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