The Cold Kiss by John Rector

Damn you Rector, damn you! I should have known I was in for a treat when I began reading John Rector’s “The Cold Kiss”. The jacket cover is enticing and mesmerising – much like the book itself – I couldn’t put it down!

“The Cold Kiss” is the début book from Rector and if there was a better way to introduce oneself to the publishing world I honestly can’t think of one, it had me gripped from the very moment we are introduced to Nate and Sara and the mysterious stranger.

We have a young couple on the road to pastures new, Reno as it happens. They’ve run away from home in the hope that life in the new city will be everything they desire, a new beginning. Life is never that straightforward, perhaps to some, but for most of us obstacles are thrown in our way – it’s how we deal with said obstacles that make us who we are, our make up if you will.

Nate and Sara stop off at a diner, a cold front is on its way and with it severe snowfall. They order food and notice a dark stranger (Syl) at the bar coughing and in need of medical attention. When the stranger stumbles to the restrooms Sara strongly suggests that Nate follows him to check he is ok – Mistake number one!

Nate enters the blood soaked bathroom and is greeted with abuse and attitude – the pair locks horns – Nate eventually gives up and returns to the table shocked and angry, desperate to get on his way with the ever increasing snowfall outside.

Moments later and outside in the cold, Syl approaches Nate and apologises for his aggressive behaviour in the restroom. Syl offers the couple $500 for a ride and they begrudgingly agree. Mistake number two!

With driving conditions becoming treacherous Nate spots a sign for a motel and pulls in to a desolate snow filled car park. The motel is in darkness and appears to have closed down. Mistake number 3!

The characters are complex and not everyone is who they say they are. We discover how one decision is the catalyst for a journey between good and evil, light and shade – it’s amazing how money can tempt the soul. Complete strangers are forced to co- habit during the snow storms and with a power outage what ensues is a battle of survival.

That’s about it for the summary, what follows is a taught thriller that will have you guessing right up to its explosive conclusion.

“The Cold Kiss” is an extremely fast paced noire thriller that will have you turning pages faster than a speeding bullet. Rector’s approach is refreshing and will leave you wanting more.

Compelling, dark, tight and psychologically scary – “The Cold Kiss” is a must read for anyone who has ever been tempted to pick up a hitch-hiker!

Published by Simon & Schuster, the book is available at Amazon & Waterstones.

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