Die Trying - (Jack Reacher 2)

Ex-military policeman Jack Reacher is back in Lee Child’s second instalment “Die Trying”. Following on from his first novel and critically acclaimed “Killing Floor” Child is not only back on form but is better than ever!

In the “Killing Floor”, Jack Reacher stumbles upon a web of corruption, murder and money laundering. Unable to escape due to corruption at the highest level of the local police Reacher is hell-bent on proving his innocence and bringing those guilty to his own unique level of justice.

Similarly in “Die Trying” Reacher is minding his own business when he walks past a small dry cleaners in Chicago and bumps into Holly Johnson, an attractive FBI agent new to the agency. Holly, recovering from a knee injury sustained while playing soccer, stumbles and Reacher is on hand to stop her from falling. At that very moment the pair are hurried into a waiting car, kidnapped at gunpoint and taken far away.

Reacher is once again a victim of circumstance but once he gets to know Holly he commits to the “relationship” and is determined to look after the rookie agent.

Child’s is at his descriptive best, effortlessly filling in Holly’s back-story as their journey unfolds.

Killing Floor - (Jack Reacher 1)

We discover the truth about Holly and her family, why she is critical to Borken’s master plan of destruction and why despite kidnapping her he is adamant that no harm comes to her. Beau Borken is the enemy. There’s something different about his character, as a reader you want to side with Reacher (and you do) but I can’t help thinking some level of admiration for the cult leader for his ingenuity and guile. Borken is a clever but ruthless enemy who will stop at nothing to achieve the end game.

Full of twists and turns, “Die Trying” is another masterpiece and its descriptive powers will have you salivating from chapter to chapter. Reacher is Holly’s only hope, surrounded by a 100 enemies, all armed; her chances of survival are slim.

This wonderful and highly recommended novel comes in three formats: Paperback, Hardback and Kindle edition (eBook).

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