Please be aware this blog entry contains spoilers. If you haven’t seen the episode please leave now as it will spoil any surprise you may have without reading! You have been warned !!!

Following two distinctly average episodes, by prison Break standards, “First Down”, episode 4 of the second series was amazing. It was a true return to form and to be honest I was getting a little worried that Prison Break was getting a little stale; how could I ever allow such crazy thoughts to enter my brain?! Anyway, on to the show …..

I only have one criticism from episode four to be honest and that was the obvious twist in Abruzzi and Tweener although I’m still shocked that we have now lost a major character in the mafia don, I never for one moment thought someone would sell him out. I guess the enticement of not going to jail is a big incentive even though the guy who sold his soul to the devil will have to watch his back from now on. Tweener on the run with the girl from college was an interesting tale and throughout the episode you always thought she would be the one selling him out at the first opportunity, little did we know she wanted to stop at the motel for some “rest”!!!!

Bellick was back on form too, quickly catching up with Lincoln, Michael and Nika (the gorgeous Holly Vallance), running the three off the road pushing the car head on into a tree. What we didn’t know was that Bellick didn’t want to give them up, oh no, he wanted to go to the hottest destination at Fox River – UTAH! Suffering a flat tyre, Bellick sends his goon off to get a new tyre and when the goon returns; Bellick has not only had a seductive lap dance from the half dressed Holly Vallance but he has fallen to her trap and is tied up! Superb drama and well acted Holly! When Holly overhears Michael’s conversation with Sara on the mobile, she knows she has lost Michael and she has but one option, to take the two in and claim $200,000! She fails of course and the brothers move on their merry way to Utah – see I told you it was a popular destination!

Possibly the hardest and most painful moment in the whole episode for me was the way T-Bag looked and touched the young girl. Ok so the look on his face when he was introduced to her by her father was classic T-Bag, looking up to the heaven’s mouthing “thank you God”. We knew nothing good would come of it though didn’t we. Here we are back with Abruzzi and Tweener. The viewers don’t know it yet but in a similar vain to the rented space in the 1st episode, we were about to find out which one had been shopped to the FBI! Abruzzi was the chosen one and not one to go back to Fox River he aimed his gun at Mahone and SWAT fired numerous shots – there was no coming back from that.

All in all a classic episode which leaves so many un answered questions. Will Michael make it to Utah, will he meet up with Sara and will we ever see the crazy guy from the first series again?! Tune in to FOX next week!


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  1. WHatSerNAme says:

    That episode was so freaking good! I was close to tears when Abruzzi died. WHY HIM?! Oh well…i guess someone had to die. As for T-Bag…CREEPY!! But the bad guy is always hot. lol! It wasn’t until this episode that i realised what a perv Bellick is. oh yeah, and Nika is a HO! haha

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